About Us

Hot-Spring-SpasWhat is it about Hot Spring Spas that makes us so different? We have exceptional spas and saunas, but it’s more than that- it’s our committed delivery crew and our hard working team. We have the expertise and the knowledge to ensure that every single one of our spas is delivered, installed and working as it should- no questions asked. And with design expertise, we can fit your spa to your backyard, regardless of how complex your situation.

But there’s more because we also have unparalleled work ethic, and that means you’ll never have to worry about any one of our representatives. Donna Dorsey of Alexandria, VA writes, “They were done so quick and we all had a good time, even me!”

Our professional service department is prepared to give more than you expect every time, ensuring you are satisfied completely. And because we only sell hot tubs and saunas, you can have confidence that we know what we’re doing. Our warehouse is fully stocked, and we’re ready in a flash to provide quality service when you need it most.

Our crew is more than qualified- they’re fast, efficient and reliable. We have one goal in mind- To exceed the needs of our customers and then educate them on America’s best selling hot tub, the Hot Spring Spa.

To be honest, we actually care about our customers. And whether you plan on using your hot tub or sauna everyday to find relief from aches and pains, tame arthritis, improve sleep, connect with a spouse, or entertain friends, we’ve got you covered. With no pressure, no hype, and no gimmicks, we are here to provide good, solid information.